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NumPower API

Welcome to the API Documentation for NumPower, a pioneering library for numerical computing in PHP. NumPower provides an extensive array of mathematical functions, random number capabilities, tools for integrating with other languages, and robust capabilities for manipulating and operating on arrays. Importantly, it supports CUDA for most operations and uses AVX2, CBLAS, and LAPACKE, making it a versatile tool in the landscape of numerical computing libraries.

This documentation will serve as your comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the NumPower library, offering an in-depth exploration of its numerous functions.

How This API Documentation is Organized

This API documentation is divided into various categories to help you find the information you need effectively:

  • Math: This section encompasses all mathematical functions provided by NumPower, including arithmetic and trigonometric operations.

  • Initializers: Learn about the multiple ways to initialize arrays in NumPower, with functions to create arrays from existing data or initialize arrays with preset values.

  • Linear Algebra: Dive into the functions associated with linear algebra operations, such as matrix multiplication, determinants, solving linear equations, among others.

  • Logic Functions: This category includes functions for evaluating logical statements, including logical AND, OR, NOT operations, and comparison operations.

  • Manipulation: Understand more about the functions that allow you to alter the shape, size, and structure of NumPower arrays.

  • Random: Explore the functions provided by NumPower for generating arrays of random numbers, drawn from various probability distributions.

  • Statistics: This part houses statistical functions for operations such as averages, medians and variances.

  • Low-level Debug: This section includes functions and methods to assist in debugging.

Whether you're a beginner embarking on your journey in numerical computing, a developer eager to incorporate numerical computing into your AI projects, or an ML enthusiast keen on leveraging PHP, this documentation will help you navigate NumPower effectively.

As the NumPower community grows and the library evolves, we remain committed to keeping this documentation comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly.